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Mengele Twins

The Mengele Twins

As part of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, CANDLES honored the 3,000 twins who were victims of Dr. Josef Mengele's deadly genetic experiments. Beginning January 24th and continuing each week through 2015, CANDLES highlighted the lives of a set of Mengele Twins. Sometimes the testimonies were readily available. We benefitted from the wealth of information found at organizations such as the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and Yad Vashem. We were also fortunate to find twin testimonies and other information collected by smaller Holocaust-related organizations and on reliable websites. However, there are a number of testimonies for which there appears to be no English translations, and at this time, CANDLES does not have the resources to undertake such an endeavor. We will look forward to embarking on this project in the future! Until then, we will do our best to honor the lives of these twins using the information available to us.

Although our website project will come to a close, we will continue to search for and compile information on the twins. If you have knowledge about a Mengele twin that you'd like to share with CANDLES, we encourage you to contact the museum at

Mengele Twin Stories

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