The History of CANDLES Online Exhibit

Sharing highlights of CANDLES from the last 25 years

From One Person to an Organization

CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center opened its doors on April 30th, 1995. In the beginning, there was one woman on a mission to tell her story of survival and educate the children of Indiana about the Holocaust. In the 24 and half years that followed, Eva successfully completed her mission; but along the way, CANDLES as a museum grew into its own identity. The in-house exhibits expanded from home-made posters to professionally created and installed exhibitions that are story-driven. CANDLES worked to establish professional partnerships that allow the museum to expand the reach of its mission beyond the local community and the state of Indiana. One such partnership enabled CANDLES to install an interactive exhibit that is a meaningful and unique experience for our guests. The guests number about 12,000 per year and are delighted with the museum’s lessons about the Holocaust, Eva’s unique story, and the ability to hear survivors’ testimonies. The 25-year history of CANDLES exhibit below highlights the milestones that the museum has reached and the challenges that Eva and the museum have overcome. All photos and documents are stored in the CANDLES archive.


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