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Eva Kor Teacher Trunk

The Eva Kor Teacher Trunk

Welcome to The Eva Kor Teacher Trunk!
The idea behind the unit is to use primary and secondary sources to develop a greater understanding of the Holocaust, including that of Eva Kor’s life story, Mrs. Rosalia Csengeri’s life story (a family friend who survived the Holocaust), and an overview of World War II. 

Please use the resources below. Each lesson plan begins with an overview and includes all of the materials necessary for each activity/assignment. The lesson plans are on the following topics:

·      Perspectives, featuring the stories of Rosalia Csengeri and Eva Kor – This unit is designed for an English/Language Arts classroom and can be adapted from 6th-12th grade. Some possible objectives are understanding the narrative process, value of different voices, the use of primary and secondary resources, and how the narrator’s point of view influences how events are described. It is designed as a 9-day unit of study.

·       Surviving the Angel of Death book unit guide – This unit is designed for a middle school language arts classroom. Some possible objectives are analyzing the structure of books, chapters, and scenes, compare and contrast structures for two or more texts, the ability to describe the narrator’s point of view and how it influences events, and explaining relationships between two or more individuals or events. Depending on use, this could be a semester-long unit of study. 

·      Pyramid of HateThis unit is designed with a focus on both History and English Language Arts. The lessons are valuable for any student and can be adapted to any classroom from 6th-12th grade including a classroom for students with special needs. Some possible objectives are to help students develop empathy and concern for others, understand how hatred can lead to intolerance, to provide historical accounts of intolerance from 1933 to present, and encourage students to think beyond themselves. This is designed as a two-day unit. 

·      Nazi Doctors and Experiments – This unit is designed for a high school biology class; however, the lessons could easily be adapted to a language arts classroom. Some possible objectives are research and drawing conclusions, analyzing informational text, following the writing process, and citing sources. It is designed as a 3-5 day unit of study. 

For questions or more information about The Eva Kor Teacher Trunk, please contact Leah Simpson at 812.234.7881 or

The Eva Kor Teacher Trunk was created by a volunteer panel of educators:
Katie Prange, Lynn O'Brien, Erin White, Andy Mizell, and Marie Conn

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