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Teaching about the Holocaust: Case Studies in the Weaponizing of Hatred

Wednesday, July 10th and Thursday, July 11th
JFGI Education Center, 6705 Hoover Road, Indianapolis, IN 46260
Teaching about the Holocaust: Case Studies in the Weaponizing of Hatred

Workshop Dates: July 10th and/or July 11th

The Holocaust is a sensitive topic in many ways and should be approached in a developmental way that allows students to learn in a safe environment. Teachers need to be knowledgeable about the topic in order to be best prepared to address the educational and emotional needs of their students.

Primary resources, especially individual stories, build a connection between students and history. The USC Shoah Foundation has gathered over 55,000 survivor testimonies and compiled them into IWitness, an online resource that allows teachers and students to connect with these stories.

This two-day workshop provides teachers a safe place to be students and ask questions; while also delving deep into the topic of propaganda and how it was used as a weapon of hate. This workshop includes lunch each day and is offered free of charge to teachers thanks to the generosity of our donors. Teachers will earn 6 PGP per day.

By the end of the seminar, teachers will be able to:
- Identify and teach about key events that weaponized hatred into discrimination and genocide during the Holocaust.
- Effectively use first-person testimony as a tool for teaching about the Holocaust.
- Be equipped to draw from a wide range of resources to teach the Holocaust in a developmentally appropriate manner.
- Draw upon specific resources to demonstrate how propaganda has been used to propagate hatred during the Holocaust and in contemporary genocides.
- Teach students how to identify propaganda in current media and link their study of the history of propaganda to the imperative to speak out against it today.

Program Overview:
Join us for the opportunity to learn with colleagues who recognize the importance of making the study of the Holocaust impactful and relevant to students' lives.

Morning Session: IWitness - Teaching through Testimony & Overview of Holocaust Education
Plenary: How to Engage Students through Effective Holocaust Education Resources
Afternoon Workshop Options:
*Jewish Response to the Holocaust
* Pre-war Jewish Life & Culture * Non-Jewish Victims of Nazi

Morning Session: IWitness - Propaganda vs. Fact
Plenary: Understanding Propaganda as a Tool of Genocide
Afternoon Workshop Options:
* Propaganda and Hate Speech during the Rwandan Genocide
* Addressing Comparative Genocides
* Propaganda and Antisemitism in Nazi Germany

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