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Online Trip Registration Form

About the Trip

Dates of Travel: July 10-18, 2021

What's included:

·       Economy class flight from Chicago to Krakow (“complete” trip package only)
·       Tour bus transportation from Terre Haute, IN to Chicago, IL
·       Tour bus transportation in Krakow
·       All meals are included except for two lunches and two dinners on your own
·       4-star hotel accommodations
·       Daily professional guide services
·       A Journey through Auschwitz, Audio Tour
·       Second Generation Survivor Presentation, Alex Kor (son of Eva)
·       Three- and one-half days of touring Auschwitz, including fees, professional guides, headsets
·       Trip t-shirt
·       Krakow city and Jewish Quarter tours with headsets
·       Eagle Pharmacy and St. Mary’s Basilica tours
·       Tour of medieval salt mines of Wieliczka
·       The latest paperback copy of Eva’s book, Surviving the Angel of Death
·       Tips on included services
·       One copy of Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial: A Guidebook 

Preliminary Itinerary (Subject to change):
Saturday, July 10: Depart USA from Chicago
Sunday, July 11: Arrive in Krakow, get situated at hotel
Monday, July 12: Jewish Quarter tour including Eagle Pharmacy, Plaszow Concentration Camp tour, and Krakow City Tour
Tuesday, July 13: Tour Auschwitz I with guides
Wednesday, July 14: Tour Auschwitz-Birkenau with guides
Thursday, July 15: Audio tour at Auschwitz I and Birkenau
Friday, July 16: Final audio tour at Auschwitz-Birkenau with memorial ceremony, Wieliczka Salt Mine tour
Saturday, July 17: Free day (Suggestions available)
Sunday, July 18: Return to USA   

A Journey through Auschwitz, The Audio Tour:
The audio tour, A Journey through Auschwitz, is a three-part tour of the concentration camps, Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau, which total a little over three hours of information. The journey follows Eva Mozes Kor’s life within the concentration camps using her own voice to tell the listener about her arrival and entry into the camp, her first-hand experience, and liberation in vivid detail. She then shares her story of forgiveness.

Audio Tour Considerations:

·       Participant will need a smart phone to access the audio tour.
·       No need for an international plan, the tour will run using location services.
·       Consider bringing a portable charger for your phone.
·       Tours will take place regardless of weather, please consider bringing a zip lock or dry bag for your phone.


  • Send or Upload copy of your PASSPORT to CANDLES Holocaust Museum (upload options at end of form)
  • Send your $600 DEPOSIT to CANDLES Holocaust Museum (payment options at end of form)

2021 Annual Auschwitz Trip Registration

This is a secure site.

Each individual should complete and return a separate registration form, a copy of your passport (if you are booking the "complete" trip package), and the nonrefundable $600 deposit. The deposit should be received by CANDLES within 10 days of online registration. Full payment balance and copies of your passport ("complete" trip package only) are due no later than March 12, 2021.

Guidelines & Responsibilities
Pacing Statement
Registrant's Information
Registrant's Address and Other Contact Information

Those booking the "complete" trip package must provide CANDLES with a copy of the passport you are traveling with no later than March 12, 2021. Failure to submit your passport copy on time will result in penalty fees and may cause you to lose your guaranteed seat on the plane.

Phone Type
Phone Type
Summary of Services

Services or products related to travel are listed below. The choice of either the “complete” trip package or the “land” trip package is required. All other options are added at your discretion.

Trip Package:
Important note: R and R Travel will not be able to assist participants with their personal travel arrangements to wherever you are meeting up with CANDLES (i.e. Chicago or Krakow). This change is due to changes in travel requirements because of COVID-19, changes in the overall travel industry, and also changes in R and R Travel policy.
Independent Travel Arrangements:
Travel Plans
Complete this section ONLY if you are purchasing the "land" trip package.
I am traveling to Krakow via:
Departure Meeting Location
Hotel Accommodations
All rooms are non-smoking. All hotel accommodations are based on availability.
Personal Considerations
Do you have a food allergy?
We make every effort to accommodate our guests, but we can only make special requests (beyond meat or vegetarian options) for food allergies and special circumstances.
Do you have an allergy to animals?
Do you use Facebook?
How did you hear about the trip? (Mark all that apply.)
T-Shirt Size (included in package price)
Social Media Release
Social Media Release

Optional Trip Insurance

Trip insurance is HIGHLY recommended, but not required for travel with CANDLES. In previous years, CANDLES has offered the opportunity to purchase group trip insurance. However, due to COVID-19 and a change in insurance policies, group insurance is now more expensive and does not cover as much. Therefore, CANDLES has opted out of providing this service since participants can purchase their own policies at a more affordable rate. Finding, selecting, and paying for a trip insurance policy will be at the sole responsibility of the participant if they choose to do so.

We strongly recommend purchasing trip insurance as this can protect your investment in case of an unforeseen illness or injury. If you purchase insurance at the time of initial deposit, there are added benefits as well. Your total covered amount for insurance should include the total cost of the Auschwitz trip with CANDLES including any trip extensions, add-ons, extra flights, and extra hotel nights. Travel dates should be the day you depart your hometown through the day you return, which may not be the same as the CANDLES trip dates of July 10-18, 2021.

If you decline to purchase your own trip insurance and experience any medical condition or situation that would have otherwise been covered by the insurance, these expenses will be your responsibility to pay out-of-pocket and are not eligible for reimbursement.

Potential Trip Insurance Companies:
Please note, CANDLES does not endorse any one company. These are just examples. Participants may purchase through anyone who sells trip insurance.

·       Travel Guard

·       Travelex

·       Allianz Travel

·       InsureMyTrip

In the event of trip cancellation, CANDLES does not in any way guarantee that your reason for cancellation will automatically be covered by trip insurance. You should always direct questions regarding specifics of coverage or its limitations to the insurance company you choose.

Medical Form
Medical Form
Section A - General Information
Emergency Contact
Section B - Medical Information
Please indicate if you have/have had any of the following (select all that apply):
1. Do you take medications or drugs related to a pre-existing medical condition?
2. During the last year, have you suffered any significant illness, major surgeries, or procedures?
3. Do you have any physical limitations, handicaps, or prosthesis?
4. Do you have difficulty walking/standing or use a device for mobility assistance such as crutches, cane, wheelchair, or other devices?
5. Are you affected by any other pre-existing medical conditions not listed above?
Current Medications
Please submit a list of all current medications including: Medication Name, Dosage/Strength, Frequency, and Purpose
No file selected
(Please include inhalers, EpiPens, etc.)
Health Statement

Payment Information

Please note: A 3% fee will be added to all charges paid using a credit or debit card. This includes but is not limited to services such as PayPal or telephone charges.

CANDLES does not accept checks drawn on foreign banks. Those living outside the U.S. are asked to pay via credit card or wire transfer. If paying by wire transfer, there will be a $20 acceptance fee in addition to any fees charged by the bank initiating the transfer.

Payment Options
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