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Auschwitz Trip Reflections 2

Auschwitz Trip Reflections 2

I'm Malcolm Wynter, and I'm a part of the Davidson Basketball team that toured Auschwitz and Auschwitz II with Eva this past summer.

Visiting Auschwitz and learning more about the history of the Holocaust was an enlightening experience. When I realized the efficiency and heartlessness with which the Nazis killed so many millions of people it gave me an immediate surge of anger, but more than that it instilled in me a sense of responsibility to help spread awareness of how things escalated to this horrifying event. It's important that as people we all take pride in our humanity to never allow something like this to happen again. What struck me most of all, though, were Eva's personal accounts of her experiences after being taken to Auschwitz and her ability not only to persevere and survive then, but to forgive the people who brought her to the brink of death. I can't say I or many people I know would've had the strength to do either. People with courage like Eva have the ability to change the world, and people with a heart as good as hers are what the world needs to continue making it a better place.

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