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Walter Sommers Lecture Series

The Annual Walter Sommers Lecture on Holocaust History

The Walter Sommers Lecture on Holocaust History is an annual program to honor CANDLES docent and supporter Walter Sommers for his untiring dedication to Holocaust education. 

Polish Catholic Maids & Nannies Turned Holocaust Rescuers with Dr. Jenni Marlow

Despite the overall large number of Polish rescuers recognized by Yad Vashem, we know that rescue was the exception rather than the rule. Polish antisemitism, the brutal conditions created by Nazi occupation policies, and the threat of death for aiding Jews worked together to discourage rescue and assistance. We typically think of Polish Catholics and Jews as inhabiting separate worlds before the war; divided by religion, language, culture, and antisemitism. So what caused some Polish Catholics to bridge these divides and offer assistance to their Polish Jewish neighbors? Join us as Dr. Marlow addresses that question by looking at cases of aid provided by Polish Catholic maids and nannies to the children of the Jewish families they worked for prior to the Second World War and Holocaust.

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