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Eva Kor recommends 7th Circuit help victims to forgive
The Indiana Lawyer
At the dinner commemorating the 66th annual meeting of the 7th Circuit Bar Association...

Eva Kor named grand marshal of 500 Festival parade
USA Today
The grand marshal for the 2017 IPL 500 Festival Parade will be Eva Mozes Kor...

After 50 years, Holocaust survivor forgives the Nazis
Miami Herald
Holocaust survivor, Eva Kor, spoke about "The Power of Forgiveness"...

Holocaust survivor Eva Kor to receive Indiana's top honor
Eva Mozes Kor is being awarded one of Indiana’s highest honors...

Eva Kor recites path that led her to forgiveness
Before she forgave the Nazis for concentration camp atrocities, Eva Kor had been a victim — and, understandably, an angry one.

Eva Kor: Survivor of Auschwitz Nazi experiments preaches forgiveness
CNN Heroes
What makes a hero? Courage. Selflessness. Forgiveness. For CNN London correspondent Max Foster, heroism goes by the name of Eva Kor.

Holocaust survivor who suffered Nazi doctors’ experiments CONDEMNS German court for jailing ‘the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’
Daily Mail
Eva Mozes Kor, 82, has called for the prosecutions of former SS officers to end. She publicly embraced Oskar Groening, 95, in an act of forgiveness last year. He was jailed for his complicity in the murder of 300,000 Jews at Auschwitz.

CNN Inspirations: Incredible Survivors
CNN International
In a special programme recorded at the McLaren Thought Leadership Centre, ‘CNN Inspirations’ explores three incredible stories of survival. Hosted by Max Foster and Samuel Burke, in front of an audience of young people, the programme invites inspiring individuals to discuss their stories and explain how they survived incredible challenges.

Holocaust survivor: How I forgave the Nazis
BBC Radio 5 Live
Speaking to 5 live, Eva said the act of forgiveness was the "last interaction" between her and Josef Mengele.
"I wasn't hurting anybody so why couldn't I do it? And if I forgave Mengele, the worst of them, I decided to forgive everybody who has ever hurt me."

Candles: Illuminating the World with Hope
The Huffington Post | By Nora Vassileva (contributor)
I travel so I can learn as much as humanly possible through firsthand experience. And the more I travel, the more I realize how much I don’t know. Reading about the history that’s shaped our world is fascinating, but seeing it firsthand, as I had the privilege to do several weeks ago with the Candles Holocaust Museum, is something else entirely. 

How Natural Language Tech, Holograms Are Preserving Holocaust Testimony | By Sophia Stuart
The USC Shoah Foundation is creating interactive, hologram-like representations of Holocaust survivors that can interact with and answer questions from future generations. For five days project head Dr. Stephen D. Smith's team interviewed Kor, who was eight when WWII started. "Through recording her responses, we can create a living resource for future generations," he said.