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Youth Board

Scholarship Online Application

VCSC Student Scholarship to Poland/Auschwitz

Sponsored by the CANDLES Youth Board

Trip Dates: June 27-July 5, 202

Application Deadline: January 20, 2020

Online Application

Trip Scholarship Online Application
VCSC Student Recognition
Parent or Guardian Recognition

A. Personal Information

(If 18 or over, enter N/A.)
(If 18 or over, enter N/A.)

B. Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required. While teachers are the usual letter-writers, we encourage you to ask others—coaches, dance instructors, pastors, mentors, for example—anyone not related to you who can describe your suitability for the scholarship. The recommendations should be submitted to CANDLES no later than January 20th. See Recommendation Letter Guidelines below.


C. Briefly describe your level of knowledge of the Holocaust. How did you gain this knowledge? (Limit 150 words)
D. What aspect of this scholarship opportunity do you find most interesting? How might this trip tie into your future professional or personal life? To respond, you may write an essay (Limit 500 words) or submit a video essay (5-minute maximum).

Your Programs and Activities

E. List any high school activities, community programs, public service, employment, and other activities in which you have participated. Indicate leadership positions held, if applicable.
F. Briefly describe a personal experience from one of your public service, community, or school activities, which holds special significance to you. Perhaps it was a leadership role or a situation in which you were able to make a positive difference in your school or community. Please explain why it holds special significance (Limit 250 words).

G. Other

Are there any other activities you believe important to this application that are not listed above? If so, please list them here.
What additional information (not already addressed in the application) do you wish to share with the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center Youth Board scholarship review committee? What makes you unique? Why should the committee select you? (Limit 150 words)
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