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Educator Workshop

Please join us Wednesday, March 18th, 2020
10:00am-4:00pm EST

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Spring 2020 CANDLES Teacher Workshop

For questions or more information, please call Marcus Steiner at 812.234.7881 or email

Choices Matter: Complicity and Action During the Holocaust

Facilitated by Echoes & Reflections
Sponsored by CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center and Indiana State University's Bayh College of Education

Why attend this program?

An examination of the range of choices and decisions made by individuals, communities and nations during the Holocaust is a powerful lens through which to study this period of history. This approach encourages deep critical thinking and analysis, and also serves as a catalyst to compel students to work toward making change in their own lives and the larger society.

This learning opportunity examines the consequences of inaction and highlights the courage and difficult choices of those who rescued and resisted during the Holocaust. Educators will gain the tools to support students to implement an action-oriented project influenced by the lessons of this history.

Program Goals:

Through this program, educators will:

1. Understand how bystander and upstander roles manifested themselves during the Holocaust, on an individual, civic, community, and national level.

2. Access tools and resources that teach about the Holocaust through the lens of choices and acts of complicity, and that inspire students to seek change.

3. Explore the motivations of groups and individuals to better understand how one can shift from a bystander role to an upstander role.

4. Connect case studies on choices and complicity during the Holocaust to today and foster positive student action in their schools and communities. literacy and propaganda.


Indiana State University, University Hall, RM 110G
400 N 8th St, Terre Haute, IN 47809

Educators will receive 5 PGP points for participation in the workshop.

What is Echoes & Reflections?

Echoes & Reflections is the premier source for Holocaust educational materials and dynamic content, empowering teachers and students with the insight needed to question the past and foresight to impact the future. We partner with educators to support them, foster confidence, and amplify their skills and resources to teach about the Holocaust in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

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