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CANDLES Teacher Workshop

Never Again: Empowering Educators to Teach the Holocaust

Please join us Friday and Saturday, October 1st and 2nd from 8:30am - 4:30pm EST (lunch and materials provided). Registration is below.

One or two-day registration available. PGP certificates will be distributed at the completion of each day. Up to a total of 12 Personal Growth Points will be obtainable through this workshop.

Workshop Goals:

The goals of this workshop are to examine the definition of Judaism and explore pre-war Jewish Life, understand and examine the basic guidelines and frameworks for teaching the Holocaust, examine the events and complexity leading up to the Holocaust, adopt and adapt new resources and approaches for Holocaust education in the classroom, develop and build a network of educators who can support your teaching, break down causes and application of Nazi racial ideology in the development of the laws and pseudoscience of the Holocaust and examine how this pseudoscience was applied to victims of twin experiments, and define and identify the stages of genocide and explore a contemporary genocide through survival testimony.

Day 1 Topics: 


Antisemitism, past and present 

USHMM guidelines for teaching the Holocaust

The path to Nazi genocide

Navigating and using the USHMM online exhibits Some Were Neighbors and Americans and the Holocaust in the classroom


Day 2 Topics:  

Eugenics and Nazi racial ideology

Eva Kor’s medical ethics lecture

The stages of genocide

The Rohingya genocide and a story of survival

Action steps to empower students and teachers.  

*Both days will include sample activities and lessons


Speakers will include:

Stella Schafer, USHMM Teacher Fellow, 2016

Leah Simpson, Executive Director, CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center

Dr. Rob Williams, USHMM Deputy Director for International Affairs

Dr. Patricia Heberer-Rice, Director, Division of the Senior Historian, The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, USHMM, and T4 Program expert

Kendal Jones, Program Assistant, Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide, USHMM    

Yasmin Ullah, Rohingya genocide survivor

Peggy Grabowski, High School English Teacher and Stand sponsor

For questions or more information, please call 812.234.7881 or email


Room Dede I and Dede II, Indiana State University, Hulman Memorial Student Union,

550 Chestnut Street, Terre Haute, IN 47809

Registration Fee - Free

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