CANDLES 25th Anniversary Campaign

Help us Celebrate 25 Years

To celebrate CANDLES' anniversary on April 30, 2020, we are campaigning to raise $25,000 in honor of our 25 years as an organization. The campaign will continue throughout the end of the year.


     Thank you to our 25th Campaign donors!     

Anonymous          Lynn O'Brien          Cynthia Buenger          Brian Robinson          Janet Roe         

Wendy Johnson          Anonymous          Patricia Plummer          John Keith          Anonymous         

Jason Ernst          Nancy Edwards          Allison Mitchell          Joshua Tobash          Glenda Thompson

Danial Jewell          Leslie Dubin          Michael Skolnick          Anonymous          Judith Hatch         

Ursula David          Beverly Gregg          Cary and Norma Laxer          Elke Hines          Julia Borland

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                   Anonymous           Miles Abernethy            Anonymous              Anonymous           Sandborn United Methodist Women

Anonymous               Anonymous               Con Trumbull               Anonymous               Anonymous

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Stephanie Hall               Anonymous                  Terry Fear               Trey Etcheson            Dorothy Chambers

       Anonymous            Anonymous             Doreen Taras              Michael Mardis               Harry and Karen Teel    

    Karen DeGrange          John Muller                Anonymous                Anonymous                Paula Hender   

Glenn Gee         Joseph and Helen-Louise Boling         Ellie Caldwell         Marie Conn         Anonymous 

Lisa and Charles Rousey         Anonymous         Laura Pearce          Edward Frantz          Stewart McMillan   

Nathan Felix          Donna Abshier          Daniel Promen          Polly Beeson          Anonymous

Paul and Margaret Roby          Brielle Hill        Bruce and Adele Erickson        Julie Silberger       Dan Funkhouser

Ilya Piraner           Jean Kristeller           Sheron Dailey           William Cooler            Helen Gunn

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Nicole Altomare           LJ and Jeffrey Abrams         Helen Langone          Sherri Roach          Gloria Wiser         

Sisterhood of United Hebrew Congregation          Duane Klueh          Marietta Young          Anonymous

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Samuel Ford           Russell Skiba           Vianne Clark           Brian Gold           Laney Meis          Paul Berebitsky

Suzie Crowder          Libby and James Jackson          Lawrence and Patricia Harnish     Pam Bell          Leslie Thompson

James Schuster          Kristy McPike          Janet Juster          Anita Sorkin          Mark Hancock          Anonymous          Katie Bolte 

Larry and Barbara Brown          Lauren Banks          Jacalyn Randall          Phil Bremen          Joel and Patricia Marx         

Glenn Schmitt          Richard Fogel          Anonymous          David Tucker          Ronald Levin          Anonymous          Judith Marten 

         Kathy and Dave Kolger          Jennifer Thuma          Alan Nathan          Sharon Karp          Anonymous          

Our Fundraising Progress:

We have raised $34,380.26 of our $25,000.00  goal.

The money we raise during this campaign will go toward securing CANDLES’ future, ensuring that we can continue our mission, the mission that Eva began, of illuminating the world with hope, healing, respect, and responsibility. This includes efforts to:

  • Educate about lessons of the Holocaust, the consequences of prejudice and hatred, and the impact of our choices
  • Preserve the stories of Holocaust survivors, witnesses to atrocities, and the Mengele Twins
  • Advocate for victims, healing and forgiveness, empowering each other and ourselves, and supporting our neighbors and communities
  • Witness history, the events unfolding around us, and the power of human kindness

Donations will fund areas of our museum such as operations, including future planning, programs, exhibits, and partnerships, preserving Eva’s legacy and CANDLES’ history, and sharing testimonies from survivors and witnesses.

Although Eva’s passing makes this 25th-anniversary milestone bittersweet, we recognize that we have a great opportunity to shape the next 25 years for CANDLES. Eva created CANDLES in honor of her twin sister, Miriam. Now, CANDLES would like to dedicate the next 25 years to the memory of Eva, of her life and her legacy.

We need your help to reach our $25,000 goal.

Make a personal donation. Join together to make a donation as a group or a company. Host digital fundraisers. Pledge to give even $5 a month. All contributions will help us take the steps we need to make sure we are still here educating, preserving, advocating, and witnessing for many years to come. Become part of CANDLES’s history and add your mark to the next 25 years.


Please enter your donation in the form below.

Through a generous gift, the Miguel B. Fernandez Family Foundation will match all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000.
This means that any contribution made up to our goal will go twice as far to help us in our efforts to make the world a better place. As a token of our appreciation for our supporters, each donation will be honored with a small gift from CANDLES and donor names will be added to our website and a special display.

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