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Eva Chats!

"Eva Chats"

Eva Kor gets many, many emails and requests for interviews. But there are only 24 hours in a day (and she works for about 20 of them), so we have started an initiative called "Eva Chats." You can tweet or facebook your questions to Eva, and she will answer them on the CANDLES YouTube channel! So stay tuned for more "Eva Chats" sessions.

Kudos to our Indiana State University student worker Brett Taylor for the idea!

If you have time, check out the videos. Or, you can download podcasts of the chats. COMING SOON.


Eva Chats Session 1: Prejudice and Forgiveness (January 2014)


Eva Chats Session 2: Walter Sommers Tells His Story of Life in Nazi Germany
and His Journey to America (January 2014)

Walter Sommers is a docent at CANDLES. In this Chat, he is guest-appearing to tell a piece of his story.


Eva Chats Session 3: Eva on Reddit and Tweeting (February 2014)


Eva Chats Session 4: Eva's "Make Believe" Family and Letters of Forgiveness (March 2014)


Eva Chats Session 5: The "Nitty Gritty" of Forgiveness (April 2014)


Eva Chats Session 6: Eva showing off the Museum Exhibits (April 2014)


Eva Chats Session 7: Walter and Eva Interview (April 2014)


Eva Chats Session 8: Mickey Kor Chats!  (May 2014)


Eva Chats Session 9: Mickey Chats With His Son Alex (May 2014)